Mitsubishi Evo

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Group N


2019 Cyprus Champion car full group N (LHD)
2018 + 2019 ERC2 winner in Cyprus Rally

Engine 600km (Ralliart Vo rods)
New oil pump
Ohlins suspension 0km (just revised)
Ralliart front and rear diffs 350km
Turbo 350km
Drenth dogbox 350km (from new)
Motec Ecus(Engine + Diff)
Merin carbon trunk fuel cell(expires 2024)
Vo brembo brakes (front and rear)
Arms and bushings 150km from new
Front and Rear Driveshafts 350km
Seats and seat belts up to 2022
Fire extinguisher 2022
16 wheels

Price includes a big spare part package including arms and driveshafts,intercooler/radiator with fans/hoses/turbo/pads etc

Probably the fastest true Group N available!

We can provide a brand new Reiger Suspension extra upon agreement.